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About Us

Thank You for Visiting Orange County's Leading  Retailer Since  1997.                                     DISH 4 YOU is an authorized retailer  Dish Network & Directv now solar happy to meet your sales, service,  and installation needs. Unlike other  retailers, we offer the finest in  customer service and installation to meet your budget and lifestyle.                                     DISH 4 YOU provides installation for  residential and commercial clients. You can find our satellite dishes  & solar in homes, stores, restaurants, dental offices, office  buildings, and many other establishments.                                     We're open Monday through Saturday  and welcome the opportunity to explain why DISH 4 you is the most  economical choice  for you.                                     Our licensed staff of reliable and  knowledgeable professionals work quick and conveniently to provide the  most efficient installation around! We are all anxious to make you our  satisfied customer.                                  

Established in 1997.

Website link: dish4you.com

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When You Trying to get solar system for your home or office 

There are a lot of factors to  consider when you're investing in solar system when you get install by  any big company or small company doesn’t any matter all solar panel get  25 year of warranty whether you get install from big company you will be  paying too much and we encourage you to call at least 5 company  With  DISH 4 YOU you'll be able to see what components are needed for your  system and a ballpark figure of what you might expect to pay. With dish 4  you atlases 20% lower than any big company so why not save some money  we have created 3 deferent kind of system depending on the one you like  to install our price is are all up front  no gimmick all included of  permitting engineering installations    

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  • We make solar easy  We’ll take care of your entire solar project from start to finish.                                         Installing clean, reliable,  inflation-proof solar energy is less complicated than ever, due to the  invention of thin-film electrical phenomenon (PV) laminates which will  be warranted directly onto metal roofing panels. not like crystalline PV  material, there is not any would like for obtrusive racks and serious,  overpriced glass. Instead, unbreakable thin-film PV is made exploitation  amorphous Si, encapsulated in Teflon and alternative polymers.